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Century is your One stop shop for all of your Rental Inspection Needs. We have Maryland’s most qualified team with latest in reporting and Inspection methods.

Baltimore City Rental Inspections and Baltimore County Rental Inspections are required on all rental properties.  There are many issues to be concerned with when getting your property registered.  Our team is fully prepared to answer any and all your questions and we are even prepared to handle the entire process for you if you schedule is too hectic.

The key components are the following:

  • Pass the rental inspection. Detailed inspection requirements are available on this website.
  • Maintain your lead “Full Risk Reduction” Certificate as required by the Maryland Department of the Environment. (every time you change tenants, you must get new inspection).
  • Post a Sanitation Guide in the dwelling.
  • Pay the City of Baltimore $30.00 annually.
  • Pay the MDE $30.00 annually.

Our team will provide you PDF copies via email of both your approved rental inspection and lead certificate that are ready to download on the city site once you have registered.

The city is not taking applications via mail or in person.  The entire process MUST be done online.

Your application can be found at:

Our goal is for you to pass the inspection the first time to avoid wasting time and effort.

The biggest problems we are seeing with rental properties are the following:

  • Smoke and CO detectors that are missing or over 10 years old
  • Outlets not being grounded or outlets close to water not being GFI protected in houses built or remodeled after 1971. Especially near washing machines and slop sinks. The city requires anything within 6 feet of a water source be GFCI protected.
  • Windows that don’t open or can’t latch when closed.
  • Improper interpretation of egress rules for basement bedrooms.
  • Handrails missing on stair cases of more than 3 steps or 30 inches.

Here is the other additional bonus!!!  If you pass the first time and we do not have to return, you get a $25 discount.  Century Home Inspections will only charge $125 in the City and $100 in the County.  Condo/Apt pricing is $100 each.  We also do considerable discounting for large apartment buildings as low as $60 per unit.

Additionally, we have experience with medium to large-sized companies and can deploy a team to handle up to 40 inspections in one day in a single market area at substantial savings.

Century Home Inspections also offers discounts if you do a rental/lead paint combination inspection.

Finally, we offer full service to customers who are too busy to get the City registration done.  We will inspect and register you online for a nominal fee.  Our administrators are dedicated and deadline driven with the needs of your business always in mind.  Ask for details.

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