3rd Party Inspection

Our Goal

To provide builder partners with accurate, consistent and honest assessments of product as it is ready to go to market in a form that can allow management to take actionable steps to improve processes and procedures and improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Let’s Work Together

  • We work closely with our customers to determine their needs and tailor our inspection system to meet those goals.
  • Provide timely reporting so that real time solutions can be implemented.
  • Gather information and present it in an actionable form to improve productivity and profits.
  • Offer training that drives high levels of ownership, productivity and performance.
  • Pivot when necessary to deal with the everchanging issues created in the field.

The Outcome That Is Most Desired

  • Product is delivered on time and in better condition.
  • Company Project Managers take better ownership of the process and outcomes.
  • Pre-closing punch lists are shortened, customer service calls are reduced and productivity and profits improve.
  • Your customer’s satisfaction levels go up.

How Do We Do It?

  • We gather raw data from the field, sort and make recommendations.
  • Identify contractor based recurring problems that can be managed and corrected in the field.
  • Offer open communication and reporting and take it directly to the field managers for action.
  • Develop and attack focus points where problems can be contained and eventually eliminated in an effort to downscale the overall slate of issues/problems.
  • Recommend a grading system that is performance/bonus driven so that Project Managers become owners instead of renters.

Our seasoned team of inspectors are trained, certified and insured professionals that have one goal in mind.  That goal is to improve your business outcomes in an affordable and manageable platform that is driven by positive results.

Our inspectors do approximately 2,500 new home inspections a year as contractors for 2M Quality.  We do these inspections for the builder to eliminate service calls.

Our Office

Century Home Inspections
Sykesville, MD 21784

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