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Century is your One stop shop for all of your Home Inspection Needs. We have Maryland’s most qualified team with latest in reporting and Inspection methods.  We specialize in many types of Inspections, we try to save you money by bundling services and  also have the ability and manpower to serve large corporate clients.  Give us a call directly to speak to one of our great team members and see how we can help.   Call us for your Baltimore Home Inspection services.

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  • Rental Inspection
  • Lead Paint Screening and Testing
  • Radon Screening and Testing
  • Water Quality Testing
  • HOA | Community Walkthrough
  • New Home | Punch List Inspection
  • 1 Year Warranty Inspection


Baltimore Home Inspection Services

  • We help you prepare in advance for your inspections with the proper guidance and documentation you need to pass the first time.  Also, we answer the phone and call back quickly if we don’t.
  • Our home inspection services are a flat fee with not re-inspection fees for a return trip.  We don’t over charge…ever. We are averaging 50% first time failures…if we had to walk away from the problems.  Most all failures are a surprise to the landlord. We are able to eliminate half of those failures on the spot with simple fixes.

  • We are authorized by the city to guide you with minor fixes that help you pass the first time before we rush out for the next inspection; expired smoke or CO detectors are the most common examples.  We carry replacement units in our vans that we sell to you for our cost. (we keep a copy of the Amazon receipt to ensure your comfort with the process). While this takes a little extra time on the initial inspection, it saves unnecessary return trips.
  • We offer lead paint testing with discount pricing for rental/lead combo inspections
  • We work when you don’t…meaning evenings and weekends if necessary.
  • We give multi-unit discounts for those who own multiple properties or groups of friends who want to sharpen their buying power by getting them done at the same time.
  • Our experience and attitude make us the kind of team you want on your side.  We tell it like it is and keep things in perspective with an honest appraisal of your inspection and how to fix it if needed.  Our goal is for your property to be in compliance and pass. You will have clarity before, during and after the process.

Century Inspections