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Baltimore City Rental Inspection


The Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development has rolled out a new Baltimore  City Rental Inspection Program that requires all landlords in the city to get licensed in order to rent their property.  The city’s goal is simply to ensure that all city residents live in safe living conditions.


Landlords are required to have the following when applying for the rental license:

  • Have a licensed Home Inspector perform a rental inspection and have the owner make appropriate corrections and improvements.
  • Have the property inspected for lead and be certified either Lead Safe or Lead Free.  If you are Lead Free, you never need to be inspected for lead again. If you are Lead Safe, you need reinspection every time you change tenants.
  • Go online to http://dhcd.baltimorehousing.org/property_registration and register your property, download your documents and pay your modest registration fees.  All registrations are being done online.


As of October 1, 2018, Century Inspections has done over 400 Baltimore City Rental Inspection.  We have developed our services to get the inspections done as quickly and efficiently as possible while eliminating the confusion and extra costs in time and money that new programs inevitably create.


Here is the Century Difference:

  • We help you prepare in advance for your inspections with the proper guidance and documentation you need to pass the first time.  Also, we answer the phone and call back quickly if we don’t.
  • Our inspections are a flat fee with not reinspection fees for a return trip.  We don’t over charge…ever. We are averaging 50% first time failures…if we had to walk away from the problems.  Most all failures are a surprise to the landlord. We are able to eliminate half of those failures on the spot with simple fixes.
  • We are authorized by the city to guide you with minor fixes that help you pass the first time before we rush out for the next inspection; expired smoke or CO detectors are the most common examples.  We carry replacement units in our vans that we sell to you for our cost. (we keep a copy of the Amazon receipt to ensure your comfort with the process). While this takes a little extra time on the initial inspection, it saves unnecessary return trips.
  • We offer lead paint testing with discount pricing for rental/lead combo inspections
  • We work when you don’t…meaning evenings and weekends if necessary.
  • We give multi-unit discounts for those who own multiple properties or groups of friends who want to sharpen their buying power by getting them done at the same time.
  • Our experience and attitude make us the kind of team you want on your side.  We tell it like it is and keep things in perspective with an honest appraisal of your inspection and how to fix it if needed.  Our goal is for your property to be in compliance and pass. You will have clarity before, during and after the process.


Baltimore City Rental Inspection

Lead Paint Inspections


Lead paint inspections are done for rental properties in the city if a landlords property is deemed “Lead Safe” but a new lease is being signed.  The goal of a Lead Safe Inspection is to ensure that lead is eliminated as an environmentally dangerous element in areas where people live. Lead Safe does not eliminate the lead, it encapsulates in in a manner that eliminates the risk of exposure.


Our Maryland Department of the Environment approved inspectors can test your property and get results back to you in 48 to 72 hours.  They will issue you a lead safe certificate within the next 48 hours.


To be prepared for a lead paint test, no chipping or pealing paint can be present on the inside or outside of the house.  Floors and window sills should be cleaned and all windows should be accessible. This is common for the Baltimore city rental inspection program.


Radon Inspections


Radon inspections are a simple and effective way to check and see if Radon is flowing into your enclosed environment.  Radon is a gas that is found in the soil and when it breaks down, radioactive particles are created that over time can affect your health.  It is invisible and odorless and impossible to detect without proper testing.


The good news is that if Radon is found in an indoor environment, it can be abated by professionals relatively easily and inexpensively.  

Testing take 48 hours and results a typically available within 24 to 48 hours depending on how the weekend falls.  The test require that the inspector be given access to the property at the beginning and end of the test cycle. Century Inspections provide you with EPA documents and test results in PDF form.

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