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About Us

Century Home Inspections was founded in late 2017 with the intent of providing quality home inspections to home buyers that are affordable and easy to understand. We started with a couple of guys who have solid construction and real estate backgrounds but, most importantly, decades of strong customer service. we are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

The story starts like this. The founder of the company, Steve Sinnott, retired after 30 years as a retail executive. Gold seemed like a good fulltime job at the time, at least if you are good at it. It turns out that you can only hit so many golf balls until it gets boring so Steve started buying and rehabbing houses. That’s where this flame was sparked.

After the first three rehabs, there was a common theme that was struck with each location. Fear of the home inspection!!! These guys were frustrating. Lists seemed to get longer for no other reason than length. Of course, we are the kinds of guys that fix everything and we did, but why did it have to be such a crisis. There had to be a better way…and here we are, with a better way.

So, you go take 80 hours of classes, pass a proxy test, get insurance and go to work. Steve has some background in designing and writing reports and understands that people like to get to the bottom line. He designs and builds a reporting system that is very visual, on point, has no “canned” statements that are designed to protect only the home inspector, not the buyer, then hits the streets of America.

Well it works. People are less stressed. Get all the facts they need to make a reasoned decision while things are kept in perspective. Demand became so great that Steve started looking for qualified personalities with the right background to join the business.

The secret sauce, …the personality of the inspectors. Steve looks for guys who are knowledgeable, engaging, patient and teachers. Our four man team consists of service oriented good guys who are available full time to meet your needs. We deal with a lot of first time home buyers and are sort of the “knowledgeable grand father” who knows what you need to know and also likes to climb on rooftops.

So, we take this attitude and apply it to everything we do. Who thought lead paint or mold testing could be so fun. We look forward to every day because it is an opportunity to make a positive difference in a customer’s life. As long as we keep it real like that, this will never be a job. It is certainly an adventure.